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You Me at Six Schedule Their Dissolution, Make Plans for One Final Tour in 2025 Before Calling It a Day

'We feel like on the eve of our 20th anniversary as a band, now is a good time to call time.'

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Source: MEGA

You Me at Six captured during their 2023 tour of Brazil

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Twenty years after their initial founding, the band You Me at Six have made the decision – presumably collectively – to disband in the very near future. Before doing so, however, they plan to go out with a bang...and by “bang,” we mean “farewell world tour.”

The band made the announcement via social media, posting a video on their various platforms - including YouTube, as you'll see below - which revealed both their plan to disband as well as their plan to wrap up their two-decade career with one last world tour.

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Source: MEGA

Josh Franceschi of You Me at Six captured during the band's 2023 tour of Brazil.

Directed by Thomas Davis, the video finds the band going all in on the drama of wrapping up their career, setting the new footage in a graveyard as the band members wander through wearing their best and blackest attire, and it's all interspersed with footage from throughout the band's career, emphasizing such moments as photo sessions, live performances, press conferences, video shoots, fan adoration... You know, all the sort of things that much beloved bands are prone to do and endure.

It's perhaps worth underlining that, although the band has promised a farewell tour, they've yet to actually release the dates, so stay tuned for that information, since it'll be posted here at Q as soon as it's made available.

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The video is also accompanied by narration, the text of which is included with the majority of the social media posts, and if it isn't there, then there's a link to the aforementioned YouTube video, which offers the text in the description. If you're wondering, though, here's what it says...

You Me At Six 2005 - 2025. This is the end. Time Something we never have enough of but always need more of. Sometimes it goes by slowly, sometimes it goes by fast. Some things are over quickly, some were built to last. Twenty years in the making, beyond our wildest dreams Trips around the sun we’ve lost count, one more for memories.. People love stories with endings Page after page, year after year We’ll give you a final chapter because We’ve climbed our Everest, we’ve faced our fears Its time. It's time for the finish line It's time for goodbye. So for the last time, one more time It’s time. Final tour dates will be announced soon. Sign up at sixersforlife.com

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If you're in the US rather than the UK, then it's highly possible - if not outright probable - that you've at best only heard of You Me at Six in passing, which stands to reason, as only one of their albums (2014's Cavalier Youth) and one of their singles ("Room to Breathe") have ever charted in the States, and even then the album in question only made it to No. 124 before beginning its descent. It's for this reason that Q has compiled a playlist featuring all of the band's singles along with a couple of tracks that also secured substantial airplay even without being released as singles. The fact that it only contains these sorts of tracks and is still 50 songs in length should give you an idea of how big a deal You Me at Six have been - and continue to be - in the UK, so even if you're a bit late to the game, it's high time you learned a bit more about what you've been missing.


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