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Courtney Love Slams Taylor Swift as 'Not Important' — and Also Goes After Beyoncé and Madonna

'I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me,' Love said of Madonna during an interview to promote her radio series.

Source: BBC

Love shared some headline-grabbing takes in an interview to promote her series on BBC Radio 6.

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Courtney Love has never shied away from picking a fight, and she evidently sees no reason to start now. With her new BBC Radio 6 series Courtney Love's Women, she continues to speak her mind across various topics, including sharing candid opinions about some very noteworthy and popular women in music: Taylor Swift, Madonna and Beyoncé, to name a few.

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Courtney Love rocks the airwaves with her BBC Radio 6 series.

But first, the series. Across eight episodes – all available to stream on BBC Sounds – Love and friend/writer Rob Havilla delve into the early influences in her life from Peter, Paul and Mary to the Cowsills, Glen Campbell and the Carpenters.

Each installment is a peek inside an eclectic mix of genres and musicians that have had an impact on Love's life. The episode The 90s and Beyond, for example, featured the Breeders, Britney Spears, Elastica and her own band Hole.

As much as Love has words of praise for the many female musicians who have shaped her career, she didn't hesitate to throw a few barbs toward some of the modern era's biggest stars during an interview with The Standard to promote the radio show. On Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter: "As a concept, I love it. I just don't like her music." On Taylor Swift: "Taylor is not important. She might be a safe space for girls, and she's probably the Madonna of now, but she's not interesting as an artist."

And of course, what about Madonna? "I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me," Love says. "I loved Desperately Seeking Susan but for the city of New York as much as her."

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Source: YouTube


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The three-time Grammy nominee has not released new music since the song "Mother" for the 2020 horror film The Turning. Love told Women's Wear Daily in March of that year that she was writing while living in London, working on songs that are "really sad, and writing in minor chords, and that appeals to my sadness," she said.

To that end, an album's worth of new material may be on the horizon and according to the interview, her memoir The Girl With The Most Cake is also near completion. Her most recent public outing was at the March 11 fundraising gala at the National Portrait Gallery, where she naturally garnered attention for her "punk princess" ensemble designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, Princess Diana's wedding dress designer.

Source: KCS Presse / MEGA

From Grunge to Glamour: Love at Paris Fashion Week, 2023.

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All eight episodes of Courtney Love's Women is available to stream on the BBC Sounds here.


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