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Daughter of Kanye West's Child Abuse Accuser Still Enrolled at Donda Academy: Report

'She’s an elite singer,' one unnamed source said. 'She just did a performance, and she actually had a solo.'

Kanye West
Source: MEGA

The daughter of a plaintiff who accused Kanye West of child abuse in a recent lawsuit is reportedly still enrolled at the rapper's Donda Academy.

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Kanye West was accused of child abuse and racism in a recent lawsuit, but the plaintiff's daughter is reportedly still attending the musician's K-12 private school where the alleged misconduct took place.

Trevor Phillips, who used to work for West, made some serious allegations about the rapper's behavior at his controversial Donda Academy outside of Los Angeles.

But Phillips' daughter is still enrolled in Donda Academy's choir, unnamed sources told Page Six. The father has reportedly made "no attempts" to remove her from the program, which she joined in January.

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Kanye West
Source: MEGA

The girl has been a member of the school's choir since January, unnamed insiders said.

"She’s an elite singer. She just did a performance, and she actually had a solo," one insider told the outlet. "Her mom never heard her sing by herself before her solo. The program just boosted her confidence."

It's not clear if the daughter will remain at the school. An unnamed staffer told Page Six the girl didn't attend choir practice over the weekend and that they're "not sure" if she's "coming back."

Phillips's lawsuit said he was initially supposed to work at West's fashion brand Yeezy, but was later put on a team focused on Donda Academy, which is named after the rapper's late mother Donda West.

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The suit obtained by RadarOnline.com last week claims West told students he "wanted to shave their heads," "put a jail in the school" and "lock them in cages."

The plaintiff also alleged that West treated his Black workers worse than his white employees.

"From the start of Phillips' tenure working at Yeezy and Donda, it was immediately apparent to him, and others, that Kanye treated the black staff considerably worse than white employees,” the suit claims.

"Even when class was in session, Kanye would scream and berate black employees, while never even as much raising his tone at the white staff.

"Often, Kanye targeted Phillips – a black man – not just with this disparate and harassing behavior, but complete and utter disdain."

Kanye West
Source: MEGA

It's not clear if the girl will continue to attend the school.

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This isn't the first time the rapper has been accused of anti-Black bigotry.

He and conservative commentator Candace Owens were panned for donning "White Lives Matter" shirts at a 2022 fashion show in Paris. Many supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have called that phrase racist.

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Kanye West
Source: MEGA

West is currently facing a lawsuit by a former Donda Academy employee.

The plaintiff also alleged that West mistreated members of the LGBTQ+ and Jews.

"On several occasions, Phillips also witnessed Kanye (1) spew forth hate (2) profess antisemitic tropes and lies, (3) threaten the LGBTQ+ community, and even (4) on one occasion, almost sexually stimulate himself," the suit claims.

The suit goes into more detail about the West's alleged antisemitic rhetoric, which lines up closely with his past public statements about the Jewish community.

Phillips alleged that West praised Hitler, called the Holocaust "fake" and said "the Jews are stealing all my money."

The rapper is also accused of saying that: "Jewish people are BAD, and they run America. And Chinese people run THEM."


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