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Spiritbox Retires One of Its Most-Played Tracks From Future Setlists

'If we run the set a lot and miss it… we will throw her back in!' vocalist Courtney LaPlante said.

Spiritbox/Courtney LaPlante
Source: Spotify

Spiritbox has retired the track 'Rotoscope' from its future setlists, vocalist Courtney LaPlante said in a recent social media post.

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Spiritbox is done playing a song that's become a staple of its live shows… for now, at least.

The news about the track "Rotoscope" came in a Sunday, Feb. 11 tweet from vocalist Courtney LaPlante.

"Going to miss doing this song," she said in response to a clip of the band performing the track live. "(LaPlante) is such a queen, I feel blessed to have been in her presence," the original poster said.

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Many were caught off guard by the announcement since "Rotoscope" has been a staple of the band's live show for well over a year now. Spiritbox performed the song at 129 different concerts, which makes it the fifth most-played live song in their catalog, Setlist.fm reported.

LaPlante went on to clarify her statement in the post's comment section.

"It’s not that she is forever retired it’s just that we keep getting cool support slots, for 2024 we are openers/festival slots," she said.

Those gigs tend to be shorter, which is why Spiritbox has been forced to trim its setlist.

"If we run the set a lot and miss it…we will throw her back in!" LaPlante said.

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"Rotoscope" came off a three track 2022 EP of the same name, which was the band's second release on Rise Records. The song made it to No. 7 on Billboard's Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart.

Some fans also love other tracks from the EP, including "Sew Me Up." That's why one commenter asked LaPlante if that song would ever be played live.

"She’s like the cool neglected child," the X user said.

"That’s the plan but we need to get together and see how it translates live," LaPlante replied. "Last time we played it in rehearsal was Feb 2022, was gonna play it unreleased on Underoath tour but it wasn’t feeling ready."

Rotoscope came out after Spiritbox's 2021 studio debut Eternal Blue, which made it to No. 13 on the Billboard 200.

The band followed this up with their November 2023 EP Fear of Fear, which came out on the same date as Spiritbox's collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion. They helped the rapper produce a rock remix of her track "Cobra," which made it to No. 47 on Billboard's Hot Rock & Alternative Songs.

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Spiritbox formed in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2016. LaPlante is married to the group's guitarist Mike Stringer.

The couple previously played in the mathcore band Iwrestledabearonce. LaPlante replaced the band's original vocalist Krysta Cameron.

She and Stringer wanted to start a project they could call their own, which is why they left Iwrestledabearonce in 2015.

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Last week, Spiritbox announced that LaPlante has been selected as the ambassador of the month for Spotify's Equal US program, which is meant to promote gender equity in the music industry.

"I think it's important that we keep celebrating women in the music industry and shining a spotlight on all of us," the vocalist said.

"Sometimes it feels so lonely and compartmentalized in this industry, when you're a woman. Sometimes you feel like you're the only one that can empathize with others, while your peers can only sympathize with you. Connecting with all these women makes this industry feel smaller. It makes it easier to realize that we do have strength where we have representation."


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