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Historic Black Metal Record Shop Damaged by Fire in Norway: 'We Can Save a Lot'

'We have had a fire downstairs, but the first floor is not damaged by flames,' the owners said in a social media post. 'There is a lot of ash and soot all over, but we can save a lot.'

Source: MEGA

The historic black metal landmark Neseblod Records, formerly known as Helvete, was damaged by a fire in Oslo, Norway on Tuesday, April 9.

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A historic Norwegian black metal record shop formerly known as "Hell" was severely damaged when it went up in flames earlier this week.

Neseblod Records in Oslo (previously called "Helvete," which means "Hell" in Norwegian) was an important hangout spot for prominent members of the city's black metal scene. The blaze that ripped through the basement on the night of Tuesday, April 9.

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"We have had a fire downstairs, but the first floor is not damaged by flames," the owners said in an update posted to Instagram on Thursday, April 11.

"There is a lot of ash and soot all over, but we can save a lot, and not least the famous black metal wall is intact. Yellow goat is not burned, not the deathcrush- cross."

Pictures of the extensive damage show walls full of scorched records sitting in a building that will likely require extensive renovations.

One of the shop's owners Kenneth Neseblod explained that it's equal parts historic landmark and small business

"Much of what we have is only on display and not for sale," he told the local outlet Verdens Gang.

"It's a museum-like venue at the same time as a record store. We have records, cassettes and tape trading letters that were previously used to write to each other in the metal community."

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Source: MEGA

There was significant damage, but the shop's owners say many of the relics can be saved.

A GoFundMe page has since been started to help the owners rebuild. It's already reached nearly half of its £20,000 goal.

"The support from all you blackened souls around the world supporting Kenneth and the shop is phenomenal!" the organizer Darren Toms said in an update. "Thank you so much for your support and love, it is truly appreciated."

The store was previously owned by Euronymous, the guitarist of the band Mayhem. For years, fans have traveled to take pictures in the basement. That's where members of the "Black Metal Inner Circle" met and bonded out over their nihilistic anti-Christian views. The words "Black Metal" are scrawled on one of the room's walls.

Helvete was also the base of operations for Euronymous' label Deathlike Silence Productions.

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The store was shut down in 1993, the same year Euronymous was killed by his bandmate Varg Vikernes. Mayhem's vocalist Dead had died by suicide just two years earlier.

Vikernes spent 15 years in prison for the murder and his participation in the infamous Norwegian church burnings. He later eventually as a prominent neo-Nazi and source of inspiration for Kanye West.

The album art for the rapper's new record Vultures was inspired by visuals for Vikernes' band Burzum, which put two albums out on Deathlike Silence in 1992 and 1993.

Source: MEGA

A GoFundMe page has been started to help the owners recover from the blaze.

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Donors to the GoFundMe page left some kind comments about the store.

"It's one of my lifelong dreams to visit this place and the legendary basement if it's still intact. Hopefully one day I can do that. All the best to everyone at Neseblood," one person said.

"My heart is very heavy at the tragedy. May this incredible place be returned to its former state," said another.

"On the day of that terrible fire, I bought a plane ticket to Oslo. This place was to be one of the highlights of my trip in August. An incredible loss for the black metal history," a different commenter said.


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