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Bring Me The Horizon Stokes Controversy With 'Jesus' Comments: 'This is Beyond Insulting'

'If Jesus Christ returns, well just kill that f--ker 2X,' the band said in a social media post.

Bring Me The Horizon
Source: MEGA

Bring Me The Horizon caught some flak after they made comments about Jesus in a social media post on Saturday, April 20.

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Bring Me The Horizon caught some flak for the religious references in one of their recent social media posts.

The band just wrapped up a tour in Australia. The controversial statements came in a post announcing the set times for a show in Brisbane on Saturday, April 20.

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Bring Me The Horizon
Source: MEGA

'If Jesus Christ returns, well just kill that f--ker 2X,' the band said.

"NEX GEN presents [Dreamseeker variant] 2024 OST+ A Post Human Study (phase II)," says the top of the schedule, which references the title of the BMTH's upcoming album.

"If Jesus Christ returns, well just kill that f--ker 2X," the graphic says. "What the hell is f--king wrong with me? I guess there's no remedy."

Christians left lots of angry comments left below the band's recent tweets, which surprised many longtime fans. Frontman Oli Sykes has been knocking organized religion since some of BMTH's earliest releases.

"As both Christian and metalhead, this is beyond insulting," one person said.

"Can’t believe I was so into this band when I was 16. You guys are so talented, yet reduce your self to this. Oli is such a loser," said another.

"Have mercy on them lord," a different commenter said.

"I’m never listening to you guys ever again. Disrespectful, distasteful, and when He does come back you’re going to learn a very hard lesson," someone else said. "Dare you to target a different religion."

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Other commenters felt that knocking Christianity is no longer particularly controversial or edgy for a British band in 2024.

BMTH is most popular in the U.K., Australia and other parts of the Anglosphere, which have both historically been dominated by Christianity. But most of these places have seen a dramatic turn away from organized religion in recent decades.

Some fans pointed out that the band would likely garner a lot more attention and hate if they targeted a different religious group.

"Mock Islam if you have b--ls but you don't your just a coward going for low hanging fruit," one person said.

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BMTH still had lots of fans coming to their defense.

"Ayo, as a Christian I find this deeply, DEEPLY your own free will and right to artistic freedom," one person said. "Music slaps, their religion none of my business, non issue. Also sorry on behalf of the snowflake Christians that didnt read the bible properly."

Many other fans felt the same way.

"I think most people in this comment section forgot what shock value is," one commenter said.

"Thx for weeding out all the annoying ppl," said another.

"Now all of the snowflake Christians have left it's a lot nicer here," a different fan said.

Bring Me The Horizon
Source: MEGA

Many commenters were livid, but others pointed out that the band has been knocking organized religion for decades.

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An exact release date for BMTH's new album hasn't been announced, but it's supposed to come out sometime this year.

This will be Bring Me The Horizon's first full-length studio album since 2020's Post Human: Survival Horror. That record made it to No. 1 on the albums chart in the U.K., where it was also certified gold.

The upcoming album will be Bring Me The Horizon's first release in more than a decade without longtime keyboardist and composer Jordan Fish, who produced the new Architects single "Curse."

He first appeared on the 2013 LP Sempiternal, which made it to No. 3 on the albums chart in the U.K.


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