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Drake Confirms That His Leaked Kendrick Lamar Diss Track 'Push Up' Is Real

'Drake is standing on bidness,' one commenter said.

Source: MEGA

Drake confirmed that the leaked song 'Push Up' is real in an Instagram story on Monday, April 15.

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Drake has confirmed the veracity of a new diss track which recently leaked on social media. The rapper used "Push Up" to level barbs at Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin and the Weeknd.

It's the latest stage of the feud that reignited when Lamar knocked Drake and J. Cole with his uncredited verse on the Future and Metro Boomin track "Like That" earlier this month.

Drake took aim at Lamar's shoe size: "How the f--k you big steppin’ with a size seven men’s on?" The Weeknd was the target of the "Cash blowin’ Abel bread, out here trickin'" line. Drake also told Metro Boomin to "shut your ho-ass up and make some drums."

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Source: MEGA

The diss track features lyrics knocking Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin and the Weeknd.

The Toronto native confirmed that the diss track was real by posting a video of Metro Boomin playing drums to his Instagram story on Monday, April 15.

Commenters on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, had mixed feelings about the song.

"Drake is standing on bidness," one person said. "Doing all this but had to leak his own diss so he can always retract it or pass it off as AI or whatever the excuse is," a different commenter claimed.

The Canadian rapper's initial response to the beef was less pointed.

"A lot of people asking me how I’m feeling," he said during a concert last month.

"The way I’m feeling is the same way I want you to walk out of here feeling tonight about your f--king selves. You know the way I’m feeling? I got my head up high, my back straight, I’m feeling 10 feet f--king high."

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The dispute started with Cole's verse on Drake's track "First Person Shooter," which appeared on the 2023 album For All the Dogs.

"Love when they argue the hardest MC," J. Cole rapped. "Is it K-Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me? We the big three like we started a league."

Lamar knocked both rappers with his "Like That" verse: "F--k sneak dissin,'" he said. "'First Person Shooter.' I hope they came with three switches… Motherf--k the big three, n---a, it’s just big me."

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Kendrick Lamar
Source: MEGA

It's the latest stage of the beef that reignited with Lamar's uncredited feature on Metro Boomin and Future's track 'Like That.'

Cole released a response called "7 Minute Drill" shortly thereafter.

"I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissin'. You want some attention, it come with extensions," he rapped. "He still doin' shows, but fell off like The Simpsons."

But the musician walked the track back just a few days later during his appearance at the Dreamville Festival.

"I just dropped a new album right? I’m so proud of that project, except for one part," Cole said. "It’s one part of that s--t that makes me feel like ‘Man, that’s the lamest s--t I ever did in my f--king life,' right? ... In my spirit of trying to get this music out, I moved in a way that I spiritually feel bad on me."

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J. Cole
Source: MEGA

J. Cole responded to the diss with a new track called '7 Minute Drill' earlier this month, but ended up walking it back.

Cole then appeared on Future and Metro Boomin's latest album We Still Don't Trust You.

"My story’s more clever, my similes was better. My energy was never on some toughest n---a s--t," he said on the new track "Red Leather."

"I was just a conscious rapper that would f--k a n--ga b---h. I was just a college n---a from a rougher premises. Kept my nose out the streets, but I love to get a whiff. Of the action, with risk comes attraction. The blicks get to blastin’, I turn into a track star. Wanted all the h--s, what the f--k you think I rap for?"


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