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Kerry King Announces Lineup for New Solo Project, Releases First Single 'Idle Hands'

The track is off the upcoming album 'From Hell I Rise,' which is due out on May 17

Kerry King
Source: MEGA

Kerry King has announced the lineup for his new solo project.

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Former Slayer guitarist Kerry King has announced the lineup of his new solo project and released its first single "Idle Hands". The track will be on the band's upcoming album From Hell I Rise, which is due out on May 17 via Reigning Phoenix Music.

The new band's lineup includes Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda, longtime Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph, former Hellyeah bassist Kyle Sanders and former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel.

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Kerry King
Source: MEGA

The group's debut single 'Idle Hands' came out on Monday, Feb. 5.

"I knew early on that I wasn’t done, and I had no intention of not continuing to play," King said in an Instagram post on the morning of Monday, Feb. 5.

"Idle Hands" is a punishing thrash track that wouldn't be out of place on any recent Slayer album. That makes perfect sense since King told Rolling Stone the song was originally recorded for the old band's final album Repentless.

"It was finished, we recorded it," he said. "I wasn't happy with the performance part of it, so I was like, 'All right, I'll put this in my back pocket until the next Slayer record.' And that didn't happen, so it's now on my record."

The band and producer Josh Wilbur – who's worked with acts like Korn, Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold – recorded the album over the course of two weeks at Henson Studios in Los Angeles, Blabbermouth reported. The record was completed in June 2023.

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Osgueda is also psyched about the new music, but noted that he's still a member of Death Angel.

"I worked so hard on getting this gig! I worked so hard in the studio recording this record!" the vocalist said in his own Instagram post. "I’m so proud with what we all achieved!"

From Hell I Rise includes "various religious topics, some war entries, heavy stuff, punky stuff, doomy stuff, and spooky stuff, with Herculean speeds achieved," King said.

"If you've ever liked any Slayer throughout any part of our history… there's something on this record that you'll get into, be it classic punk, fast punk, thrash, or just plain heavy metal!" the guitarist said.

Kerry King
Source: MEGA

The track is off the band's upcoming album 'From Hell I Rise,' which is due out on May 17.

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King also told Rolling Stone he hasn't been in touch with former Slayer frontman and bassist Tom Araya since their last show in 2019.

"Not even a text. Not even an e-mail," the guitarist said. "I've talked to everybody else from the band on the phone, text, or e-mail. If Tom hit me up, I'd probably respond. It probably depends on what he hit me up for, but I don't wish him dead at this moment."

Kerry King
Source: MEGA

King said there are no plans for new Slayer music or a reunion tour.

He added that there are no plans for new Slayer music.

"I can pretty much a hundred percent say no because I have a new outlet, and it's not Slayer, but it sounds like Slayer," King told Rolling Stone. "I'm making the music I like to make still, so I don't need to do that. Records don't sell anymore anyway. It's just a means to have a product out so people know what I'm playing when I come to town."

Fans shouldn't expect another Slayer tour either.

"I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen," King said. "Could Slayer play a show again? I'm sure there's a scenario. Am I looking for it? No, I'm just getting ready to start my career. So if that happens, it happens. But I'm going to be doing (the solo project) for the next 10 years at least."


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