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Cher's Son Elijah Blue Allman Fights Her on Conservatorship Request, Says He's Been Sober for More Than 90 Days

'Immediate appointment of a conservator is not necessary in this case. There is simply no emergency that requires it,' Elijah Blue Allman said in a court filing.

Source: MEGA

Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman is fighting her request to become his conservator.

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Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman is taking a stand after the singer asked to become his conservator last month. He also denied her claims about his substance use and said he's been sober for more than 90 days.

Allman said there is "no circumstance" where he would be comfortable with his mother's request in court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com. He also argued that he was not adequately served and needed more time to prepare for the Jan. 5 hearing.

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Source: MEGA

'Immediate appointment of a conservator is not necessary in this case. There is simply no emergency that requires it,' Allman said in a court filing.

The news broke shortly after Cher claimed she was "unable to locate" Allman. That's why the singer requested she be allowed to serve the documents via email.

Allman provided information about his recent whereabouts in the new filling and claimed his mother was notified about his location.

"Recently, I have been staying with my wife and before that I was in Mexico for approximately two months," Allman said. "My mother was – at the time that the petition was filed – aware that I was in Mexico prior to December 15, 2023."

He also admitted that he did receive the documents, but argued that he gets "a great volume of electronic mail and did not at the time it was received recognize the sender’s address… I therefore did not review the documents or appreciate their nature."

Allman added that he's retained a legal team and argued that the attorneys haven't had enough time to review the documents.

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He also denied Cher's claims that he suffers from severe mental health and substance abuse issues and argued that a conservatorship isn't necessary at this time.

"I understand that a temporary conservatorship is appropriate when immediate appointment is required to ensure the proposed conservatee’s well-being and/or to protect the proposed conservatee’s estate during the pendency of the general conservatorship petition," the court filing says.

"Immediate appointment of a conservator is not necessary in this case. There is simply no emergency that requires it."

Allman said he hasn't used any illicit substances in more than three months.

"Like many people I have struggled with addiction and spent money in ways that have not always been the most responsible," his response read. "However, I am now under the care of Dr. Howard Samuels and am attending AA meetings."

Allman also said that if the court grants Cher's request, he would also ask that a "third-party neutral fiduciary be appointed."

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Source: MEGA

Allman also claimed he's been sober for more than 90 days, despite Cher's contrary claims.

The new court filings came just one day after Allman instructed his lawyers to dismiss pending divorce proceedings against his wife Marieangela King. He tied the knot with her in 2013 and filed for divorce in November 2021. In court, King has claimed that the pair reconciled in 2022.

While the couple was together in New York City, King claimed that Cher hired four men to kidnap Allman and bring him to a rehab center. The singer denied the kidnapping allegations and countered that King is not supportive of Elijah's recovery efforts.

"Angela actively works to keep Elijah from getting clean and sober or receiving mental health treatment that he desperately needs," Cher said in the filing from last month. "Most recently, Petitioner is informed and believes that Angela took steps to check Elijah out of the treatment center where he was receiving much-needed medical care."

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Source: MEGA

The singer initially filed the conservatorship request late last month.

King responded in a Page Six interview published earlier this week. She claimed that Elijah was "coerced" into an "alternative medicine" program.

"I have always been a champion for the sober community and for Elijah’s sobriety. … What I am not ok with are establishments that exclude me (his wife) from being part of Elijah’s treatment and hopeful recovery," she said.

"I am not ok with pop-up, makeshift, unethical scam rehabs which take full advantage of families in desperate situations and seek to fraudulently exploit insurance companies for services not rendered."

King also called Cher's conservatorship petition "deeply disturbing."


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