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Kanye's Daughter North West Announces Upcoming Album 'Elementary School Dropout'

The LP's title is a reference to her father's debut 2004 studio album 'College Dropout.'

Kanye West
Source: MEGA

Kanye West's daughter North is working on a new album called 'Elementary School Dropout.'

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Kanye West's eldest daughter North just announced her upcoming album Elementary School Drop Out.

The news came during a listening party for her father's new record Vultures 1 in Phoenix on Sunday, March 10.

"Hi, it's Northie, and I've been working on an album," she told the cheering crowd as Kanye looked on nearby in a clip posted to Instagram. "And it's called Elementary School Drop Out."

The upcoming LP's title is a reference to Kanye's debut 2004 studio album College Dropout.

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His new record Vultures 1, a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, came out last month and spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

North had a feature on the two-part track "TALKING / ONCE AGAIN."

"It’s your bestie, miss, miss Westie / Don’t try to test me / It’s gonna get messy / It’s gonna get messy / Just, just bless me," she sang.

Kanye's follow-up record Vultures 2 was supposed to drop last week, but he said the LP is still "in the lab." Another record titled Vultures 3 is slated to come out on April 5.

News about North's project came amid Kanye's ongoing dispute with her mother Kim Kardashian about where their kids go to school.

"Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now it’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by 'the system,'" Kanye said in a since-deleted Instagram post.

An unnamed source told TMZ Kardashian doesn't want to remove the kids from the school they've attended since they were toddlers.

"Kim is frustrated with his constant public attacks and naming of the school because it creates safety and security concerns each and every time for their children," the source said.

"The only solution Kanye has offered in protest to the school – that the kids have been at since pre-school – has been placing them with unaccredited teachers and his own unaccredited Donda school which has been riddled with lawsuits."

The article also claims that Kanye told his kids that school isn't important and frequently goes months without seeing them.

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Kanye West
Source: MEGA

She announced the news at a listening party for her dad's new record 'Vultures 1' over the weekend.

Kanye and Kardashian finalized their divorce in November 2022. This was around the time the rapper began a long string of antisemitic tirades.

Kanye threatened to go "death con three" on Jewish people in an October 2022 tweet. He also said he "loves" Hitler and Nazis during an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that December.

The musician has apologized for these remarks on several occasions, but many Jewish people believe that he's continued to engage in antisemitic behavior.

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Kanye West
Source: MEGA

The upcoming LP's title is a reference to Kanye's debut 2004 studio album 'College Dropout.'

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Kanye often wears merch from the black metal band Burzum. The group's frontman Varg Vikernes is a proud antisemite who's often described as a neo-Nazi.

The lyrics on the track "Vultures" have also been widely panned as offensive. "How am I antisemitic?" Kanye raps. "I just f---ed a Jewish b--ch."

West is also facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from the estate of Donna Summer.

Kanye West
Source: MEGA

The rapper is currently in the midst of a dispute with his ex Kim Kardashian over where North and her siblings go to school.

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They claim they refused to grant West permission to use a sample of her 1977 hit "I Feel Love" on the Vultures 1 track "Good (Don't Die)," only for the song snippet to appear in a re-recorded interpolation.

The rapper was called out by Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne last month over a similar sample dispute.

The section of a live performance of "War Pigs" in question was ultimately removed from the album version of "Carnival."


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